SPICA Project
SPICA stands for "SuPply chain Integration, Coordination, contracting and Auditing framework".  It aims at providing a comprehensive framework for agricultural supply chains. SPICA goals are three-fold. Firstly, presenting a flexible and comprehensive, yet simple, model for agricultural supply chains. Secondly, providing support for controlling the product flow within a chain. Finally, organizing the activities and interactions within such a chain.​
An Integrated Environment of Verification and Model-Based Testing for Critical Systems
This project aims to integrate verification techniques and model-based testing methods for critical systems. The idea is to obtain an environment to support a rigorous process development that ensures quality and system requirements. Thus verification and testing activities are based on formal models to provide the needed rigorous foundation.
A preliminary version of a supporting tool.
FMI-SiR: user-defined Features, Metrics and Indexes for Similarity Retrieval
This project focus on the development of the FMI-SiR (user-defined Features, Metrics and Indexes for Similarity Retrieval). The FMI-SiR is a DBMS module developed to perform data selection on a relation executing similarity search operations. It includes the required mechanisms to perform similarity search into a database core to efficiently execute similarity queries. The implementation of the FMI-SiR using the Oracle's Extensible Architecture Framework to handle complex data is called the FMI-SiRO and its extension to handle DICOM medical images is called Medical FMI-SiR (MedFMI-SiR).
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